Neom building largest water park in Middle East?

Aquarabia Water Park is going to be largest in Middle East

By Web Desk
May 21, 2024
Saudi Arabia's Qiddiya reveals largest water park in Middle East. — Aquarabia

Saudi Arabia is building the largest waterpark in the Middle East and it is not in Neom.

Qiddiya's Aquarabia Water Park is going to be the first in Saudi Arabia and the largest in the Middle East, according to Fact Saudi Arabia.


It will span a massive 250,000 square metres and its location is on the outskirts of Riyadh.

The park is set to be home to 22 rides and attractions, and five will be, in true Saudi style and will also be record-breakers.

Aquarabia Water Park is going to be the only water park in the world to offer a mix of dry and wet rides.

Moreover, animal lovers will be charmed by the animal experiences across Arabian Peak, Camel Rock and Herding Grounds.

Four record-breaking attraction by the names of Junoon Drop, the world's tallest water coaster; Speedy Jamezales, the tallest drop body slide; Slithereel, the longest water slide, and Jamal Joom, the longest mat racer are going to be part of Aquarabia Water Park in Saudi Arabia’s Qiddiya City.

Aquarabia Water Park is in works side by side with Neom. — Qiddiya

First underwater adventure ride featuring fully submersible cars will also be present in this water park.

Experiences across sports and wellness, nature and environment, parks and attractions, motion and mobility, and arts and culture. Will be offered by Saudi Arabia’s Aquarabia Water Park.