Govt urged to simplify electricity bills

By Our Correspondent
May 21, 2024
A technician fixes new electricity meters at a residential building in Pakistan, in this undated photo. — AFP/File

LAHORE:The Pakistan Steel Melters Association (PSMA) has demanded the government introduce a simple system for electricity bills, which should only include the actual units consumed and the electricity rate, so that the production cost can be clearly determined on a monthly basis.


Currently, electricity bills include various additional charges such as electricity duty, sales tax, income tax, extra tax, further tax, fuel price adjustment, quarterly tariff adjustment, excise duty, FC surcharge, meter rent, TV fees, and some other charges.

PSMA demanded that all these charges should be combined and a single suitable unit rate should be fixed, so that the monthly cost can be estimated and the old charges belonging to previous months may not appear in the subsequent bills.