Govt urged to consult with IEP on power sector sell-off

By Our Correspondent
May 20, 2024
Workers can be seen restoring the electric supply while working on high transmission lines. —X/MoWP15/File

LAHORE:Office-bearers of Institution of Engineers of Pakistan Sunday asked the government to take them on board before making any decision of privatisation of the power sector.


Addressing a meeting of the IEP engineers, President IEP, Farhat Adil and Secretary General Engineer Ameer Zameer Khan, demanded the government that engineers should be consulted before the privatisation of the power sector so that better results can be obtained otherwise the experiment will fail and the electricity will become more expensive. Engineer Ameer Zameer Khan said that the power sector engineers should be consulted before the privatisation, adding loss-making companies should be privatised first.

Engineer Farhat Adil said that the decisions of the engineering institutes are made by non-technical people and the engineers are being deprived of their right. That the engineers are being harassed for overbilling in the discos, he said.