Neom is in works, but do you know about Dubai's mysterious islands?

Dubai has big collection of islands worth billions

By Web Desk
May 17, 2024
Dubai World Islands also exist, but most people only know Neom in Saudi Arabia. — Neom

Dubai has an entire collection of Islands by the name of World Islands, which cost billions and not a lot of people know about them as they know about Saudi Arabia’s Neom.

In the Persian Gulf, World Islands, the mostly empty plots of land are located around 2.5 miles off the coast and were first announced in 2003, according to Unilad.


With each island named after its corresponding country, the islands have been structured to replicate the whole globe in miniature form.

It means that you could get your hands on your own Italy, Australia, or even the United States if you wanted to.

World Islands in Dubai remain billion worth of mystery. — Marwan Naamani/File

The vast creation hasn't really taken off as the builders might have hoped as Dubai-based development firm Nakheel Projects put billions into building the islands 20 years ago.

When the United Arab Emirates' economy was in trouble and the real estate sector was brought down with it, the trouble began in 2008 following an estimated $15 billion poured into the islands.

Only one of the islands was completed and open for tourists to visit as an estimated $300 billion worth of projects were scaled down during the 2008 financial crisis.