Pakistani club sandwich wins over American version due to this ingredient

Pakistani club sandwich has many variations including spicy chicken tikka

By Web Desk
April 15, 2024
Pakistani club sandwich is better than the one in America. — Unsplash/File

Triple-decker club sandwich is considered uniquely American, but Pakistan has its own version of it too.

American version has three slices of toasted bread stacked with bacon, sliced chicken or turkey, and a few other ingredients like tomato, lettuce, and spoonfuls of mayonnaise.


In contrast, Pakistani club sandwich has three slices of bread with a unique placement of chicken and other fillings.

One of the biggest differences between the American and Pakistani club sandwiches is that the latter probably won't have bacon in it, according to Tasting Table.

This may also be because it is rare to find pork in the Islamic country. However, bacon is not missed because the chicken is often taken to new heights with seasonings like garlic, red chili powder and turmeric.

Foodies might also find another variation known as a chicken tikka club sandwich in the country, where the chicken is prepared with ginger and garlic pastes, seasonings like red chili powder and paprika, and yogurt.

With the addition of some other unique toppings, it's then cooked perfectly.. Notably, the chicken might be prepared more traditionally or shredded and mixed with mayo like a spread depending on where you try it.

The addition of more flavourful chicken and the lack of bacon sets the Pakistani club sandwich apart, but those are not the only ingredient differences. A traditional Pakistani club also includes eggs, even though it's not essentially considered a breakfast sandwich.