Asia has consequential position in world

April 15, 2024
Kyrgyzstan’s Consul General Meher Kashif Younis seen in this image. — APP/File

LAHORE: Kyrgyzstan’s Consul General Meher Kashif Younis has said that Asia holds a consequential position in the world due to its large population, strategic locations, rich mineral resources and diversity. Presiding over a workshop on ‘Importance of BRICS for Pakistan’ organised by Gold Ring Economic Forum here Sunday, he added that Pakistan, as an important partner in the region has sought membership in order to align with this trend.


With its abundant natural resources, strategic location and fifth-largest world population, Pakistan’s absence from BRICS could have repercussions in the future if not addressed. He said Pakistani leadership should consider BRICS while assessing ground realities.

He said BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) can pave the way for sustainable development and growth in the region. New doors for trade and investment will be opened under the supervision of developed countries like China and Russia. He said the individual who coined BRICS has predicted that these nations’ economies will dominate the world by 2050. He said a golden opportunity has been presented to these advancing countries under the leadership of this group.

Meher Kashif said that multilateralism, trade and investment, loan provision, and a burgeoning economy are the future progressing in the right direction. He mentioned that one of the main components of this forum is the NDB, New Development Bank.