Kim Kardashian's 'role' switches up horror game in AHS: Delicate Part 2

Emma Roberts faces nightmarish gaslighting in American Horror Story part 2 trailer

By Web Desk
April 04, 2024

Just hours before the return of the show to screens, the sinister trailer for American Horror Story: Delicate Part 2 was unveiled on Wednesday.

Kim Kardashian reprises her role as the cunning and suspicious publicist Siobhan Corbyn.


She is depicted consoling, though potentially gaslighting, Emma Roberts who portrays the pregnant movie star Anna Victoria Alcott.

The trailer commences with a gripping close-up shot of Cara Delevingne, the 31-year-old actress portraying nurse Ivy Ehrenreich in the horror series, looking downward and exclaiming, "Push!"

The preview unveils frazzled Anna Victoria Alcott, portrayed by Emma Roberts, expressing concerns about her unborn baby to Siobhan Corbyn, played by Kim Kardashian.

However, Siobhan dismisses Anna's worries as paranoia.

As the trailer progresses, eerie scenes unfold, accompanied by unsettling background music featuring lyrics that seem to echo the characters' fears.

Ivy and two other mysterious figures glide down a blood-red hallway, while repetitive, hair-raising sequences depict a frightened Anna confined in a dark room.

The debut episode of the second installment is scheduled to premiere at 10 p.m. ET on FX and will be accessible for streaming on Hulu the following day.