Jessica Biel bonds with sons as hubby Justin Timberlake continues tour

Jessica Biel shares two young kids with Justin Timberlake

By Web Desk
May 21, 2024
Jessica Biel recently revealed that the “best thing” about being a mom

Jessica Biel recently revealed that the “best thing” about being a mom to boys is to “have fun” with them.

In response to a question about her kids during the PEOPLE’s Kids interview, Biel said: "Oh my god, Kai! You’re adorable. I have a nine-year-old son and a three-year-old son."


"The best thing about being a boy mom is playing. I think playing with my sons is the most fun. Wrestling, playing LEGO, building LEGO, swimming, playing sports, reading together.”

"I love spending time with them, and I love getting down and dirty with them on the floor and just having fun. Not worrying about getting dirty or anything like that. I love that about being a boy mom."

Trying to achieve the level of work-life balance, the former 7th Heaven star admitted that her marriage with singer Justin Timberlake was actually a “work in progress.”

Speaking exclusively on ABC’s The View, the 42-year-old actress explained: "It's always a work in progress, right? It's constantly trying to find the balance, trying to find the time we can connect. Thank goodness for Zoom and Facetime.”

She then shared her thoughts on parents, who have struggled in the past since they didn’t have access to any of these technologies.

The actress pointed out that "just finding the time we can connect and see each other in person or get him with the kids" has become a lot easier.

"We've never done this before with two, I'm exhausted. There's been four shows. I don't know how he's gonna do it or how we're gonna do it but we're gonna get through it, somehow, some way!"