After major legal win, Donald Trump challenges Biden, tells him to 'Fight your fight yourself'

Donald Trump thanked Supreme Court for its unanimous ruling, describing it as "extremely important" and chance to unite the nation

By Web Desk
March 05, 2024
Former President Donald Trump speaking to the media after the Supreme Court overturns the Colorado primary ban. — screenshot of YouTube/

Former President Donald Trump, fresh from a major legal triumph as the Supreme Court unanimously upheld his presence on the 2024 Colorado primary ballot, wasted no time in turning the spotlight on President Biden.

Speaking from Mar-a-Lago on Monday, Trump expressed gratitude for the court's unanimous decision, calling it an "extremely important" thing that might bring the country together.


"It was a very important decision, well-crafted, and I think it will go a long way toward bringing our country together," he said.

The impact of the Supreme Court's unanimous ruling extends beyond Colorado as it has set a precedent for similar challenges in other states. Donald Trump, who was riding high on his popularity, seized the moment to declare, "I'm beating President Biden in almost every poll, and this decision reflects the will of the voters."

Trump underlined the importance of the ongoing case on presidential immunity, which is scheduled to begin on April 22. He argued that the ruling would directly impact a president's ability to make crucial decisions without the burden of legal consequences, declaring, "A president shouldn't have that on his mind."

Donald Trump sent President Biden a stern warning in the middle of continuing legal disputes, asking him to abstain from involving judges and prosecutors in election-related cases. "Fight your fight yourself. Don't use these tactics. Our country is much bigger than that," Trump said, reiterating the need for fair and independent political battles.

Addressing border security concerns, Donald Trump called on Biden to "close the borders now," highlighting the potential consequences of unchecked entry, which he referred to as "migrant crime."

He emphasised the president's authority in taking immediate action to address the situation.

Reflecting on his policy-driven approach, Trump expressed a desire to secure victory based on his ideas, such as tax cuts and preventing wars. Despite the legal battles he faces, Trump adamantly stated, "I don't want to win this way."