Tish Cyrus says parenthood ‘would’ve felt more fun’ if she ‘smoked earlier’

Tish Cyrus admitted that she started smoking cannabis at the age of 46

By Web Desk
March 04, 2024
Tish Cyrus is a mother of five including musicians Miley Cyrus and Noah Cyrus

Tish Cyrus wishes she had started smoking weed when her children were still young.

On last week’s episode of her and her daughter Brandi’s Sorry We’re Stoned podcast with special guest Wiz Khalifa, the mother-of-five reflected that she would have been a “better parent” if she smoked cannabis.


“I didn’t smoke pot when I had kids I didn’t start until I was, like, 46. And so I think I would’ve been a better parent if I would’ve smoked then,” Tish, now 56, admitted.

She added, “I think I would’ve been like, I don’t know, school projects – it would’ve felt more fun.”

Brandi, who is the older sister of Miley Cyrus, chimed in and said Tish would have been “much more tolerant.”

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Tish admitted that she regularly smokes, taking a few puffs of a joint as she goes about her day – and she couldn’t help but rave about the positive effects cannabis had on her.

“My decision-making is so much better now that I smoke weed. I do not by any means say that weed is for everyone, not at all. But for me personally, it has just been the best thing ever,” she said.