Father, son make 'terrifying' discovery in treasure hunt

Riley Bryant, along with his father and few friends, were metal-detecting around abandoned home when something caught their eye

By Web Desk
March 04, 2024
The image of the abandoned home where the body was found. — New York Post reported/File

A father-son duo made a shocking discovery last week while treasure-hunting through an abandoned home in Mississippi, Men's Journal reported.

The 23-year-old Riley Bryant previously discovered Civil War-era bullets, among other treasures, near the Mississippi River.


Bryant, along with his father and a few friends, were metal-detecting around the property when something caught their eye.

Bryant said, "We actually noticed through the window of the vacant building that there was something that didn’t look right on the floor in one of the back rooms."

The item in question was, in fact, a dead body. "We thought, 'This is strange,' and determined it was definitely something we needed to report to the authorities," Bryant said.

The investigators took the body, whose identity is currently unknown, for medical evaluation and autopsy. According to Bryant, the death looked more accidental than foul play.

Bryant recalled, "He had taken stuff in the house, ripped the curtains down, towels, anything he could find, and had to kind of pile on himself to try to keep warm."

Adding, "When you really look at it, it just gets sadder and sadder. This is not someone who was wandering around drunk or something. It was somebody who obviously wanted to live."