Here are luckiest days to get married in 2024 for long-lasting marriage

Astrologer Lisa Stardust shares what days to get married and what dates to avoid in 2024

By Web Desk
March 04, 2024
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Some couples are hoping to add a bit of good luck to their marriage this year by choosing an auspicious wedding date to tie the knot, People reported.

According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, from New York City, 2024 is a year of "growth and inspiration" as per the lunar zodiac sign, the Wood Dragon.


The year is ripe with opportunities for lovers. Consistently fighting for what it loves, the Wood Dragon makes this an ideal time to establish commitments, according to Stardust.

She offers advice on which dates are best avoided and which days would be especially "lucky" for marriage this year.

These are the dates a couple should consider walking down the aisle on:

According to Stardust, couples should consider getting married on the "8th," as the Chinese Zodiac number 8 is auspicious because it "symbolises infinity."

She said, "August 8th is a particularly auspicious day for a wedding this year."

The majority of dates in March, May, and June are seen as "lucky" days for weddings.

Stardust specifically highlights the following ranges: March 25–31, March 1-23, May 1–23 and May 25–June 23.

Another "wonderful time for love," she said, is June 2.

Dates to stay away from.

According to Stardust, 4 is a number in the Lunar Calendar that is "associated with death," so couples should steer clear of those months 4th, 14th and 24th.

When Mercury and Mars are both in retrograde, which occurs from April 1–25, August 5–27, and November 25 through December 15, couples should steer clear of these periods as these times may be signs of a "reversal of a contract or a miscommunicated and misunderstanding-filled marriage," according to her.