New DPO seeks people's cooperation to curb crimes

By Mushtaq Paracha
March 04, 2024
Kyber Pakhtunkhwa Police personnel patrol an area in Swat. — AFP/File

NOWSHERA: A senior cop on Sunday appealed to the people to cooperate with the police to curb crimes and ensure a peaceful environment in the district.


“The police must have zero tolerance for drug smuggling, addiction, gambling and other street crimes to restore people’s confidence in policing,” said the newly posted District Police Officer Muhammad Azhar Khan while speaking to police officials.

Upon his arrival, the DPO was presented with the guard of honours by the smartly turned-out contingent of police. Addressing the officials he said drugs and gambling were the root causes of the law and order situation, which will be eradicated at all costs.

He said that police must launch a crackdown against the narcotics peddlers and gambles to curb these crimes. Enlisting his priorities, the DPO reminded the cops that it was the responsibility of the police to ensure the protection of the people and restore peace and law and order.

He also urged the police to launch a campaign against street crimes and arrest the gangs and anti-social elements in the district. Muhammad Azhar also asked the cops to dismantle the dens of gambling and drug addicts as they were the reasons behind the rising crimes and lawlessness.