Abbottabad, surrounding areas grapple with heavy rain, snowfall

By Syed Kosar Naqvi
March 03, 2024
Vehicles stuck in snow due to heavy snow-covered area after heavy snowfall of winter season at Nathiagali in Abbottabad on March 2, 2024. — PPI

ABBOTTABAD: The city of Abbottabad and its adjoining areas have experienced intermittent rain for the last two days, while Thandiani, Ayubia, and other surrounding hilly areas of the district have witnessed the heaviest snowfall of the current winter season, resulting in temperatures dropping to freezing point.


Numerous tourists have been reported stranded in various tourist spots in Galiyat, especially in Nathiagali. Traffic police and rescue teams have been deployed at various points to rescue the stranded tourists.

The rain and snowfall have predominantly affected the mountainous regions of the district, including Nathiagali, Ayubia, and Thandiani, as observed on Saturday until the filing of this report. The Abbottabad-Murree road has been completely closed for all traffic at different points from Bara Gali onwards, with reports of more than half a feet of snow on the main road and two to three feet on the upper hills of Mira.

More snowfall is expected, as predicted by the Meteorological Department. Similarly, the Abbottabad-Thandiyani road is also closed from Kala Pani onwards, with two feet of snow recorded at Thandiyani.

The recent spell of rain has significantly dropped temperatures and disrupted daily life in the region. Electricity and communication systems have been affected in various areas, and several urban areas of Abbottabad, including Mansehra Road, Supply Road, Kakul Road, Jab Bridge, and Jinnahabad Link Road, have been submerged under water, leading to traffic congestion.

Furthermore, due to continuous rain and snowfall, the Abbottabad-Murree road has been closed due to landslides at different points. Officials from the Galliyat Development Authority (GDA) are working to clear the snow and reopen the Murree Highway.

Several connecting roads, including Abbottabad-Thandiani Road and Okharilla-Andarseri Road, remain closed.

Despite the efforts of rescue teams supervised by the District Emergency Officer Abbottabad, the power supply to Thandiani, Galliyat, Okharilla Village, and Andarseri Village Council remains disrupted. The Meteorological Department has forecasted more rain in Abbottabad until Monday evening, with snowfall expected in the upper parts of the district, including Galiyat.