Prices of essential items go up ahead of Ramazan

By Our Correspondent
March 03, 2024
An undated image of consumers buying fresh vegetables from a local market. — AFP/File

MANSEHRA: The prices of vegetables and fruits have surged significantly before the advent of Ramazan.


“The rates of essential kitchen items and fruits have experienced a significant spike in recent days as the district administration is yet to initiate preemptive measures before the start of Ramazan,” Ajmal Khan, a local, told reporters.

A group of locals led by Ajmal Khan decried the sudden jump in rates of essential items in the local markets, saying the people would experience an ever-highest inflation in the Ramazan if the district administration didn’t take measures to curtail the soaring prices.

Ajmal Khan said that the price control and review committee in its meeting couldn’t bring prices of essential commodities down putting an extra financial burden on the pockets of consumers.

Another local, Zeeshan Khan said that butchers had already received extra prices for beef but the district price control and review committee enhanced its prices again.

“The China garlic, which was sold at Rs400 per kg earlier this week is now experiencing a sudden surge in its prices and being sold at Rs600 per kg,” he added.

According to the rates issued jointly by the Food Department, the Revenue Department and wholesalers revealed a sudden rise in vegetable and fruit prices.

The potato, which was sold at Rs50 per kg is now being sold for Rs70 per kg. The prices of onion surged to Rs200 from Rs170 per kg, Tomato to Rs130 from Rs100, and ladyfinger Rs220 from Rs180.