Start-up ships Arctic Ice from 100,000-year-old glaciers to bars in Dubai

The company, Arctic Ice, claims its product is the purest and oldest ice in the world

By Web Desk
March 02, 2024
The images show Arctic Ice from 100,000-year-old glaciers in Greenland.— Arctic Ice

A start-up from Greenland is facing accusations of causing severe damage to the environment by transporting ice from glaciers that are over 100,000 years old to high-end bars in Dubai for use in cocktails, the New York Post reported.

The company, Arctic Ice, claims its product is the purest and oldest ice in the world, as it is harvested from icebergs in Greenland, which is over 4,730 miles away from Dubai.


Despite the company's claim that they aim to raise awareness about the effects of global warming on ice sheets and prevent a rise in sea levels through their business model, their plan has been met with criticism.

One individual commented on Arctic Ice's Instagram page in response to a promotional video, saying, "Guys. This is crazy. The planet is burning."

The company's website emphasises that the ice used for chilling drinks in fancy bars around the world is obtained only from icebergs that are already naturally detached from the glacier and floating in Greenland's Nuuk fjord.

The website also states that the company does not take any ice from the glacier and that millions or billions of tons of ice break off glaciers every year.

Therefore, their limited production has a negligible impact.

Arctic Ice claims that its operations are designed to minimize environmental impact by using existing cargo shipping routes and reducing carbon dioxide emissions per container shipped to and from Greenland, all while raising awareness about the Arctic.