Runner-up demands ECP to suspend PK-33 results

By Our Correspondent
February 24, 2024

MANSEHRA: The runner-up candidate in PK-33 Kolai-Palas (Kohistan), Jamal Uddin, has taken his case to the Election Commission of Pakistan, urging them to halt the official results of his constituency.

The Election Commission of Pakistan signboard. — AFP/File

He alleged that the leading candidate, as indicated in form 49, rigged over 40 polling stations.Addressing the media on Friday, Jamal stated: “I have approached the ECP, urging them to first verify biometrically the women and deceased ballots cast in this constituency before declaring the official results.”

Jamal, who lost to independent candidate Sardar Riaz by securing 6357 votes against Riaz’s 7118, claimed that his opponent manipulated the outcome by casting ballots of deceased voters in over 40 polling stations.

“The votes of deceased individuals and those residing in Mansehra and other parts of Hazara division were cast for my rival in collusion with polling staff,” he asserted.Backed by the Batara Kolai Ittehad, Jamal also alleged that women’s ballots were unlawfully cast by male family members, and polling staff failed to prevent such illicit practices at some polling stations.

“Additionally, 315 postal ballots were included in the vote count under the names of polling staff who did not authenticate them with their signatures and stamps,” he added.Jamal further claimed that the returning officer for his constituency, Ishtiaq Ahmad, had been absent from his office since polling day, leaving constituents without proper recourse for rectifying records or lodging complaints.

“I have implored the ECP to suspend the official results of my constituency until all irregularities committed by my rival candidate are rectified and legal actions are taken against him to ensure justice for me,” he said.Jamal further said the ECP had summoned him to appear before them on February 26, 2024.