Harry Styles receives 'sweet' news amid relationship with Taylor Russell

Gemma graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2013

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February 23, 2024
Meanwhile Harry is dating girlfriend Taylor Russell

Harry Styles has been uplifted by heartwarming news from his beloved sister Gemma, who has recently welcomed her first child after keeping her pregnancy a secret.

Announcing the news unexpectedly on Friday, the 33-year-old writer and podcaster shared a picture of herself alongside her partner, Michal Miynowski, with their newborn daughter.


In addition, Gemma posted a touching photograph of herself holding her baby girl, whose name remains undisclosed, while they were in the hospital.

Alongside the post, she wrote: 'Hello from maternity leave! Took some time off to ensure the safe arrival of our baby girl, who is adored by her whole family.

'I know that this news can be difficult for many people and I'm sending you lots of love.'

Gemma and Michal have been together since 2015. One of their earliest dates was watching her younger brother Harry, 30, perform with One Direction.

During the gig at the Apple Music Festival, Harry told the crowd: 'I'm sorry if I seem distracted. My sister's here on a date, and I'm trying to keep an eye on it.'

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Gemma and Harry have always been very close. In December 2022, she posted a video from his concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he got 70,000 fans in attendance to sing Happy Birthday to her.

The announcement came as a shock to Harry's fans who quickly flooded Gemma's post with comments.

They wrote: 'She was pregnant? OMG congrats Gemma'... 'I was not prepared for this post'... 'Harry is an uncle!'... 'Oh congratulations Gemma!'

Josh Devine, One Direction's former live drummer, wrote: 'Aw congrats Gemma! So stoked for you guys. What a journey ahead!!'

Gemma graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2013. She has had articles published in Glamour UK and Refinery29 and now hosts the Good Influence podcast.

Meanwhile Harry is dating girlfriend Taylor Russell.