VIDEO: Angry lady escorted out of NYC puppy store as she slaps tourist, kicks cages

She could also bee seen spitting at the stunned victim before storming out of the exit

By Web Desk
February 23, 2024
A still frame from the video provided by the store shows the suspect's face close up. —Emilio Ortiz

An angry lady tore through a Manhattan puppy store, kicking cages, swatting telephones and slapping tourists in the face as the staff escorted her out of the door.

Unfortunately, the victim, a Texas woman, ended up bleeding from the nose on her first trip to New York City, Fox News reported.


She also appeared to spit at the stunned victim before storming out of the exit. The smack stunned spectators in the crowded supermarket.

The video of the incident posted by Citipups Chelsea has gone viral on the internet, in which the angry black can be seen kicking cages that contain puppies, hitting a store manager as he tried to record the incident, and slapping a random bystander as she leaves.

To get her arrested, the store has released a clear picture of the suspect, who is seen carrying a pink handbag and wearing a dark winter coat. According to store manager Emilio Ortiz, the victim suffered facial swelling and a bloody nose.

He said, "So she was a tourist, and it’s, like, imagine being your first day in New York; you’re just walking around, and all of a sudden some crazy person just assaults you."