Lowari Tunnel reopens as road cleared on Dir side

By Our Correspondent
February 21, 2024

CHITRAL: The Lowari Tunnel, which was blocked due to the heavy snowfall at the Upper Dir side a day earlier, was reopened for traffic after 36 hours on Tuesday.

This image shows vehicles passing through theLowari Tunnel February 20, 2024. — Facebook/Lowari Tunnel Operation and Weather Updates

Deputy Commissioner, Lower Chitral, Muhammad Imran Khan told media that the district administration had moved heavy machinery to the site and cleared the road from snow from Meena Khwar to Lowari Tunnel. He said that the road and tunnel was now opened for motorcars and other small vehicles.

The official added that the district administration had also made arrangements on an emergency basis for the transportation of the passengers from Meena Khwar to the Lowari Tunnel and onward to their respective destinations in Chitral.

He urged the people of Chitral to avoid travelling during the snowfall, advising them to use snow chains in case they were travelling because of the emergency situation.The DC said that the entire district administration would be available for helping the passenger in any emergency situation.