Beckhams commend Obama's foundation for supporting future leaders

David Beckham and his fashionista wife Victoria Beckham recently met with the former president of the US and praised his work

By Web Desk
December 08, 2023
As president of the US, Former president Barack Obama poses along with the Major League Soccer champions Los Angeles. — AFP

Former soccer star David Beckham and his fashionista wife Victoria Beckham pledged their support for the global activities of the Obama Foundation.

The well-known star couple recently met with the former president of the US. They shared their memorable moments on the social media website, Instagram. They expressed their appreciation for the Foundation's efforts to develop the next generation of global leaders.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, David, renowned for his soccer legacy, conveyed his honour in spending time with Obama. He highlighted the Foundation's innovative projects that significantly impact young lives and uplift communities.

“A towering example of grace and humility, it was so inspiring to hear about the innovative projects that are changing young lives and improving communities,” the former footballer captioned the post. “Thank you Mr President it was a privilege to hear you speak with such passion and conviction.”

Victoria, in alignment with her husband's sentiments, thanked Obama for his dedication to transforming communities and shaping the future for young minds.

The high-profile celebrity couple is not having the first interaction with the Obama family. Flashing back to 2012, David Beckham and his Los Angeles Galaxy teammates celebrated their MLS Cup win with Obama at the White House.

Amidst the celebrations, Obama showcased his humorous side, teasing Beckham about his age while acknowledging his prowess both on the field and as an entrepreneur.

Obama’s camaraderie with the Beckham family extends beyond the soccer field. David also had a prior engagement with Michelle Obama during a ‘Let’s Move!’ event in London, where the former First Lady exhibited her soccer skills.

These encounters underscore the Beckhams' ongoing admiration for the Obama family and their shared commitment to fostering positive change.