Ahmed Shah orders early formation of police task force for religious minorities

By Our Correspondent
December 08, 2023

Caretaker Sindh Minister for Information, Minority Affairs, and Social Protection Departments Muhammad Ahmed Shah has instructed the provincial secretary of minority affairs to expedite matters related to establishing a dedicated police task force.

This force aims to safeguard the rights and security of minority communities and their religious places in Sindh.

Shah issued these directives during an introductory meeting of the department on Thursday.

Caretaker Sindh Information Minister, Ahmad Shah addresses media persons at the Karachi press club on December 4, 2023. — PPI

Secretary of Minority Affairs Shariq Ahmed, presenting the department’s working and performance, informed him that the establishment of a dedicated police task force was in progress in collaboration with the home department.

He said that in the last five years, 106,990 members of religious minorities had benefited under various heads, including 8,252 scholarships for students from minority communities, funded by the grant-in-aid programme of the government.

H also stated that CCTV cameras had been installed at 223 sensitive religious places and sites to protect worship places of minorities.

“In the last five years, 245 out of 360 Annual Development Programme schemes/units have been completed, achieving 76 per cent of the target,” he added.

The minister emphasised that the Constitution of Pakistan ensures equal social, religious, and political rights for all citizens without any racial, caste, creed, or ethnic discrimination. He further added, “The government is committed to protecting the lives, properties, and religious places of minorities.”