Sasha, Malia Obama attend Cruella star Emma Stone's SNL party

Sasha, Malia Obama hung out with Marcello Hernandez, others at Emma Stone's SNL party

By Web Desk
December 06, 2023
Sasha Obama and Malia Obama spotted together. Emma Stone gestures during a gathering. — X/willheath

Sasha and Malia Obama travelled to the East Coast and attended the Saturday Night Live afterparty, which was held at L'Avenue at Saks and was hosted by Emma Stone for the sixth time.

Page Sixreported the story, claiming that the Obama sisters hung out with Marcello Hernandez and others of the SNL cast members in attendance.

Stone allegedly arrived at the celebration wearing her Five-Timers Club blazer, which is given to hosts who have hosted the event more than five times. She has hosted the show in 2010, 2011, 2016, and 2019.

Stone was joined at the celebration by her husband, Dave McCary, whom she met on Saturday Night Live while he was one of the show's writers. "Emma chatted with friends and partygoers," a source stated. More information suggests that Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez was among the other partygoers.

Sasha and Malia Obama have spent the last year in Los Angeles. Some photographs released in late October show that Sasha was relocating or upgrading her living space. Photographs show her shopping for UPS boxes in Los Angeles and transporting them to her car.

Sasha wore flip-flops, wide jeans and a black shirt that were both comfortable and fashionable for the occasion. Some huge reading glasses completed the outfit. Her hair was long and braided.