Adviser proposes empowering PACs on NAB’s pattern

By Our Correspondent
December 05, 2023

LAHORE:Adviser to the Chief Minister Punjab on Law and Parliamentary Affairs Kanwar Muhammad Dilshad proposed empowering Public Accounts Committees (PACs) on the model of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), citing the example of the Philippines where the president faced arrest and imprisonment for corruption.

He asserted that Pakistan's elections would adhere to the standards of a first-world democracy. Addressing a function at a local hotel, the event, organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Law, Dilshad acknowledged the prevalence of numerous pending cases in the courts, identifying corruption as a significant impediment to ensuring justice for citizens.

The NAB logo can be seen in this picture. — Geo. tv/File

He stressed the need to address these issues promptly, advocating for the eradication of corrupt practices among subordinates and junior staff within the judiciary. Dilshad also highlighted the necessity of increasing the efficiency of the judicial system, suggesting a binding timeframe for court decisions. Reflecting on previous attempts at accountability, Dilshad recalled the establishment of an accountability commission in 1990 under Ghulam Ishaq Khan, yielding inconclusive results. He noted the dissolution of National Assemblies in 1996 and 1999 based on corruption allegations, expressing disappointment in the accountability bureau's inability to produce tangible outcomes.

Critiquing the local government system in Pakistan, he advocated for its reinforcement in line with Article 141-A of the Constitution to ensure sustainable development at the grassroots level.

Furthermore, Dilshad commended the Punjab government for its dedicated efforts to provide relief to the people. He attributed the government's success to Chief Minister Naqvi's leadership, portraying it as an exemplary administration based on performance.