Seminar highlights problems confronting Wana college

December 02, 2023

WANA: A seminar on quality education was held at the Wana Degree College in Lower South Waziristan district here on Friday.

People from various walks of life attended the event. Professor Abdul Qadus and Principal Amir Nawaz presented the seminar agenda and thoroughly discussed the college’s development.They said the college was facing a severe student shortage and a lack of community support.

They asked the participants to offer their suggestions for the improvement of the college.The college administration further said the college had a magnificent building over 300 kanals of land and 71 staffers, including 30 teaching staff, but students do not actively participate in regular classes.

In this picture, people stand outside the government degree college Wana on June 1, 2023. —Facebook/Govt Degree College WANA South Waziristan District

Amir Nawaz said: “We have been trying to ensure regular attendance in classes, but to no avail so far.”Political and social personalities, along with principals from various private and government schools expressed their concern over the weak quality of education in Waziristan. They said that quality education was the solution to all problems and called for efforts to counter cheating in society.

Malik Shehryar Wazir said that the college was facing various problems, and it was high time to unite for their solution.On the other hand, students from the college said that currently, only 12 first-year students and 2 second-year students attend classes regularly.

The seminar also featured addresses from Additional Deputy Commissioner Lower South Waziristan Kashmir Khan and District Police Officer Farmanullah, who stressed the importance of working together to transform Government Degree College Wana into an ideal institution for the local community.

Prof Sawar Khan said that while college staff and subject lecturers are available, the main challenge is motivating students to attend classes.