Baba Vanga's 2024 Predictions: When will Putin be killed, AI take over, world come to end?

Baba Vanga prophesied that communism will return in 2076 and that time travel would be possible in 2304

By Web Desk
November 30, 2023
Baba Vanga also predicted the 9/11 terror attacks and time travel. — X/dailyrecord

Baba Vanga, also known as the Nostradamus of the Balkans after the famous French astrologer, is alleged to have prophesied 9/11 and the Ukraine war — below are her 2024 predictions.

The mystic also made other predictions about 2023, including a stunning warning that a nuclear plant explosion will wreak havoc on our globe and a dubious prognosis that the Earth's orbit would alter radically this year, with disastrous consequences. (Clearly, neither has occurred at this time.)

And, despite the fact that Vanga died 26 years ago at the age of 85, her followers claim she still has a slew of predictions for 2024 to divulge, as she made prophesies before her death, reported theNew York Post.

While it is thought that she did make some accurate predictions, it is unclear whether any were fabricated by online trolls. Many others, however, have complete faith in her post-mortem knowledge.

Putin’s assassination

According to Vanga, Russian President Vladimir Putin will be assassinated by one of his own compatriots in 2024.

Just last month, someone on the Russian Telegram channel "General SVR" erroneously stated that Putin had died and that only his body duplicate remained; however, the Kremlin rejected this, calling it "absurd."

Later, Andrii Yusov, a spokesperson for Ukraine's Defence Intelligence, accused Russia of spreading a rumour about Putin's death to test his popularity.

European terror

Vanga predicted that terrorism would increase in Europe and that a "big country" would launch biological weapons tests or strikes next year.

Climate disasters

She prophesied that natural calamities will be commonplace in the coming year.

According to Vanga, in addition to meteorological events, radiation levels might rise, as reported by the Sun.

Economic crisis

Rising debt, global tensions, and power transfer from the West to the East, according to Vanga, would spark an economic disaster.

Cyber attacks

She said that hackers will start to target infrastructure like power grids and water treatment plants, which will amplify threats to national security.

Technological revolution

According to Vanga, quantum computing will witness a significant leap since quantum computers process information quicker than regular computers.

She also anticipated that the usage of artificial intelligence (AI) would expand.

Medical discoveries

Vanga shared some encouraging news: we will soon have a cure for both cancer and Alzheimer's illness.

According to Euro News, in addition to her seven forecasts for the next year, mankind may look forward to a world hunger resolution between 2025 and 2028.

She also prophesied that communism would return in 2076 and that time travel would be possible in 2304.

Her forecasts come to an end in 5079, when she predicts the end of the world.