Meghan Markle's next chapter sparks excitement, big reveal looming on

Meghan Markle's mystery unveiled - Anticipation grows for her next career move

November 07, 2023

The intrigue surrounding Meghan Markle's career path has been steadily building, fueled by the enigmatic shroud of uncertainty that now surrounds her professional endeavors.

During her tenure as a working member of the royal family, Meghan's daily schedule was an open book, thanks to The Royal Diary, which meticulously outlined every engagement the royals would undertake.

After these engagements, The Court Circular provided a retrospective view, offering insights into Meghan's activities over the past week, month, or year.

However, with her departure from royal duties, this veil of transparency has lifted, leaving us all in suspense about Meghan's next move.

The uncertainty surrounding her future plans has left many people's imaginations running wild. Is she gearing up for a revival of her popular lifestyle blog, The Tig?

Could she be penning a memoir to follow in the footsteps of Prince Harry's "Spare"? Will her podcast Archetypes make a move from Spotify to its rival, Audible? Or perhaps, a more significant question looms: is she considering a leap into the world of politics?

On the other end of the spectrum, will Meghan venture into the realm of influencing or brand ambassadorship, audiences with Instagram posts that come with a six-figure price tag?

And what about the Instagram handle meghan - is it truly hers, and could it signify a major rebranding effort?

The questions seem endless, and the anticipation surrounding Meghan Markle's next chapter is the topic that's occupying many a curious mind.

The only thing that's certain is that whatever she chooses to do next will undoubtedly be met with avid interest and scrutiny.