Prince Harry and Meghan confront security concerns after recent break-ins during absence

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Montecito residence under vigilance after burglary

By Web Desk
January 28, 2024


Prince Harry and Meghan receive urgent warning amidst local burglary spree five minutes from £12 million Montecito mansion.

While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were in Jamaica for the premiere of Bob Marley: One Love, their California residence faced a potential threat.

Law enforcement in the US believes an organized gang, specializing in targeting safes, is behind a recent string of burglaries in the area.

The most recent break-in, just a five-minute drive from Prince Harry and Meghan's mansion, has prompted heightened concern.

The Montecito Association took swift action, issuing a community-wide alert with valuable home security tips.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff officer Rachel Zick provided insights, stating, "In the past week, deputies have taken several burglary reports with notable similarities in the resident layouts, times of occurrence, and items taken.

In these burglaries, criminals target unoccupied residences that back up to open spaces.

Investigators have noted most of these crimes occur between 6pm and 10pm. The suspects are targeting safes."

Residents in the area are urged to stay vigilant and prioritize their home security measures during this unsettling wave of criminal activity.

The royal couple's security detail, featuring experts like Christopher Sanchez, who previously safeguarded Barack Obama, and Christopher Keenan, known for protecting Hillary Clinton, is intensifying efforts to ensure the safety of the Sussex family.

Two of the reported alerts involved intruder scares, prompting swift responses from local law enforcement.

The Duke and Duchess are facing criticism for not visiting the UK amid hospitalizations of Princess Kate and King Charles.

Despite backlash, an insider revealed the couple received a personal invitation from Paramount boss Brian Robbins, emphasizing their attendance at the event.