Meghan Markle navigated script mix-up at her first Royal speaking engagement

Meghan Markle's quick thinking saves the day in Royal script mix-up

October 29, 2023

Meghan Markle's background in acting proved to be a saving grace as she stepped into her role as a working royal.

Her first public speech, given as Prince Harry's fiancée in 2018 at The Endeavor Fund Awards, encountered an unexpected hiccup when the wrong script was delivered.

On Hello's A Right Royal Podcast, David Wiseman, the director of the Invictus Games Foundation, admitted to the script mix-up that left Meghan momentarily flustered.

The Endeavor Fund Awards, an initiative established by Prince Harry to support the aspirations of wounded, injured, and sick service personnel and veterans, became the setting for Meghan's inaugural public address as a royal-to-be.

Meghan was able to navigate the unexpected twist, demonstrating that her acting experience had equipped her to handle potentially awkward moments with finesse.

As Wiseman explained, the mishap occurred when he mistakenly provided Meghan with the incorrect script, causing a momentary hiccup during her speech at The Endeavor Fund Awards in 2018.

It was her inaugural public address as Prince Harry's fiancée, a significant moment that placed her in the spotlight.

With two different versions of the script in hand, Meghan and her cohost, British Army veteran Neil Heritage, found themselves in a lighthearted disagreement on stage.

From his vantage point next to Prince Harry, Wiseman humorously noted how he "died a little bit inside," but the positive press coverage that followed the event alleviated his concerns.

Wiseman later reached out to Harry with apologetic texts, and Meghan personally reassured him with a kind and understanding message.

This episode was notably early in Meghan's journey as a royal, as her official wedding to Prince Harry was still a few months away.

It marked a unique moment in her transition into royal life, as she took on speaking engagements much earlier than her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, did after her royal wedding.