‘BISP much more than just giving away cash handouts’

October 01, 2023

Islamabad ; The Benazir Income Support Programme is much more than just giving away financial assistance to the less fortunate members of society, said new chairperson of the government's welfare scheme Dr Amjad Saqib.

“It [BISP handouts] is not charity. It’s our expression of love and care for the deprived segments of society,” Dr Amjad told employees of his organisation during a meeting here. A social entrepreneur, development practitioner and founder and chairman of Akhuwat, the world's largest Islamic microfinance programme, he was appointed the BISP chairperson by the caretaker federal government last Friday.

Dr Amjad told BISP employees that he would strive to change people's perception of the welfare programme. He highlighted the crucial role education plays in uplifting individuals and society as a whole. The BISP chairperson said he was concerned that millions of children in Pakistan didn't have access to education.

“Education is the real game-changer,” he said adding that it is a national, social, and religious responsibility to ensure that every child in Pakistan receives education. Dr Amjad called upon the BISP employees to be custodians of this noble mission and to start a movement and campaign for a reformed society. He said he envisioned a society where every child had access to education and where love, humanity, brotherhood, and sacrifice formed the core of values.

The BISP chairperson said 9.3 million families benefited from the programme, which operated on the principles of humanity, brotherhood, and responsibility. He, however, said despite limited resources, the BISP served as one of the largest platforms dedicated to supporting those in need. “It is a blessing and a privilege to be part of this initiative,” he said.

Dr Amjad said all BISP offices across the country should be committed to creating a positive mindset and encouraging families to send their children to school. He urged all stakeholders to join hands in this transformative journey towards a more inclusive, loving, and educated Pakistan.