Breast cancer awareness campaign begins today

By Our Correspondent
October 01, 2023

LAHORE : Breast cancer awareness campaign will begin on October 1 (Sunday). The month of October, known as the breast cancer awareness month, is celebrated widely as PINKtober – a 30 days awareness drive engaging everyone from grass root level to policy makers. This year the theme of PINKtober is dedicating each week to the most important aspects of the campaign.


Over 10 million women in Pakistan are at risk of Breast Cancer which positions the country with the highest rate of Breast Cancer incidence in the whole of Asia.

Every ninth woman is prone to develop breast cancer in her lifetime; where annually 40,000 women die due to this ailment, and 90,000 new cases are reported. Therefore, educating the masses on this deadly disease is of prime importance.

Pink Ribbon Pakistan is the only organisation dedicatedly working on the issue of breast cancer for the last two decades. Pink Ribbon’s mission it to reduce the mortality rate of breast cancer. All around the year, Pink Ribbon reaches out to women and girls to educate them on preventive techniques that focus on healthy lifestyle and wellbeing in order to decrease their risk of breast cancer. Studies show that adopting preventive techniques can reduce 40% chances of breast cancer occurrence. Out of the all cancers, the breast cancer can be treated and cured, and if detected early, the survival rate can be increased to more than 90%.

The journey of Pink Ribbon has been full of challenges as a few year ago, even mentioning the term ‘Breast Cancer’ was a taboo.

Pink Ribbon takes pride in claiming that breast cancer is a priority topic in the national health agenda. Since the inception in 2004, Pink Ribbon has educated over 2 million young girls on breast self-examination, and 19 million women on early detection techniques. Our consistent campaigns and various community engagement initiatives have led to a 400% increase in mammogram screening in Pakistan’. The first week will focus on Prevention through promoting healthy lifestyle and educating women and girls that a good routine and healthy wellbeing can reduce 40% chances of breast cancer occurrence.

The second week will highlight the importance of Mammogram, as Pink Ribbon will be encouraging women to get them checked and stay familiar with their breast health.