Prince William left Princess Kate 'In Tears' - Inside private life unveiled

Prince William's actions brought Princess Kate to tears

By Web Desk
October 01, 2023


According to a recent report by the Daily Mail, a new book has delved into the initial stages of Prince William and Princess Kate's romance, making bold claims about a time when the future King left Kate in tears after abruptly canceling their plans.

In the memoir titled The Making of a Royal Romance by royal author Katie Nicholl, it is alleged that in 2006, despite having been in a relationship for five years, William couldn't bring Kate to the Queen's Sandringham Christmas festivities, as only married couples were typically invited to the royal event.

To make up for missing out on spending this family-centric holiday together, William and Kate had supposedly made "big plans" for New Year's.

Nicholl's book further unveils that those carefully laid New Year's plans were abruptly upended when Prince William called his then-girlfriend to convey that, despite previous promises, he would be spending the holiday with his family instead of the Middletons.

This unexpected cancellation, as per Nicholl's account, left Princess Kate "in tears." The aftermath of this incident reportedly led to their separation in April 2007.

According to Nicholl's book, William's reservations stemmed from concerns about making a lifelong commitment.

He had witnessed the tumultuous marriage of his parents, King Charles and the late Princess Diana, which had left a profound impact on him.

As a result, William reportedly experienced second thoughts about his future with Kate and sought counsel from his father and grandmother.

Both advised him to take his time and not rush into anything, as mentioned in Nicholl's book.