WATCH: Elon Musk visits southern border with Congressman Gonzales to discuss immigration challenges

Elon Musk live-streamed from border and expressed his pro-immigrant stance, advocating for expanded legal immigration system

By Web Desk
September 29, 2023
Elon Musk visits southern border with Congressman Gonzales to discuss immigration challenges. AFP/File

Tech mogul Elon Musk, along with Congressman Tony Gonzales (R-Texas), made a visit to the United States' southern border, specifically Eagle Pass, Texas, to address pressing immigration issues.

Musk, who used his social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to announce the visit, engaged in discussions with officials and law enforcement to assess the situation firsthand.


In a live video streamed on his X account, Musk, who hails from South Africa, expressed his pro-immigrant stance, advocating for an expanded legal immigration system.

He stressed the importance of welcoming hardworking and honest individuals who can contribute positively to the nation. However, Musk was equally firm in his belief that individuals who break the law should not be allowed entry into the country.

Highlighting the strain on New York City due to an influx of migrants, Musk cautioned that without prompt action, the United States could witness a collapse in social services, similar to the situation already unfolding in the city.

During the visit, Congressman Gonzales took Musk on a tour of locations near Eagle Pass, where they discussed concerns about citizens' safety. Musk likened the situation to the popular TV show "Breaking Bad."

Gonzales attributed the increase in migrants at the southern border to policies of the Biden administration, characterising it as a "bad situation all the way around." Musk expressed disbelief, prompting Gonzales to describe the daily challenges faced by those living in the midst of the crisis.

Regarding potential solutions, Gonzales saw the upcoming government shutdown as an opportunity for crafting non-partisan border security measures. He stressed the need for sensible, widely agreeable solutions that could benefit America as a whole.