Anti-aging tips: You should try these simple biohacks to have long youthful life

Biohacking is a desire to manage one's health and attempt to live a longer life

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September 28, 2023
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Biohacking, a health innovation encourages people to make changes to their bodies, diets, and lifestyles in order to improve their health and well-being helping them to stay youthful from the inside out.

The market is crowded with over-the-counter drugs and lotions that promise to make your skin look younger after just a few weeks of use. While some of them live up to their claims, there is one product that may be the fabled fountain of youth.


Although biohacking is a type of self-help human augmentation, it still needs supervision to reduce hazards.

Why do people try to alter their biology?

The desire to manage one's health and attempt to live a longer life may be the main motivation. Our quality of life will be enhanced by a balanced diet and regular exercise, as doctors have been telling us for years. Others are open-minded and eager to investigate novel concepts to improve the aspects of their lifestyle that they find unsatisfying.

How to apply it to improve performance

Intermittent fasting is one of the oldest and best-known biohacks, but there are numerous more ways people can manipulate their biology to improve their health. The biohacking industry also saw the introduction of devices, such as the widely used Fitbits and smartwatches that record and store information about our bodies.

Creatine and caffeine are examples of non-prescription supplements and beverages that are known to have ingredients that may aid in improving brain function; nevertheless, some people ask their doctors to prescribe nootropics if they have a medical condition that necessitates a particular drug.

With nutrigenomics, people are biohacking in yet another way. Humans emphasise how food interacts with their genes in this context.

A certain diet and a person's DNA may alter their health risks, according to research. Humans can stay ahead of the curve in terms of disease prevention and treatment thanks to nutrigenomics.

To understand more about nutrigenomics, people must send a DNA sample to a specialised lab so that their genetic profile may be examined. An optimised nutrition strategy will then be developed by a group of scientists.

Try bulletproof coffee, a popular beverage made with organic coffee, MCT oil, and butter that has become popular with those interested in nutrigenomics but unable to submit their DNA for security reasons.

Drinking a cup of this mixture is said to improve people's satisfaction levels, lower their risk of cardiovascular disease, and prevent some malignancies.

A certain diet and a person's DNA may alter their health risks, according to research. Humans can stay ahead of the curve and prevent and treat diseases thanks to nutrigenomics.

Athletes like Canelo lvarez and Floyd Mayweather use cold water therapy, another well-liked health and training trend, in addition to the previously mentioned intermittent fasting. People participating in the therapy submerge themselves in icy water or fill a tube with ice.

The National Library of Medicine issued a review in 2020 outlining the advantages of cold water therapy, including enhancements to the immune system, cardiovascular system, mental health, and more.

In addition to athletes, biohacking lifestyle changes are apparently enhancing the health, athleticism, and vitality of celebrities like Brooke Burke and Jeff Bezos.

Dave Asprey, the author of “Smarter Not Harder” and founder of the world’s first biohacking gym, told Fox News Digital he started the biohacking movement in 2011. “Biohacking is the science of changing the environment around you so that you have full control of your own biology,” Asprey said.

“It allows you to get more results with less time. Instead of pushing and trying, you change things around you so that your body effortlessly gives you what you want, such as more energy or less fat or a better brain.”

“Some have learned how to sleep for the first time in years, others have lost 100 pounds, and some feel more energy than they ever believed was possible,” he told the publication, highlighting that biohacking isn’t a one-size-fits-all practice.