Tattoos may cause serious things to your blood

Research reveals that very harmful health condition is caused by getting tattoos

By Web Desk
May 30, 2024
Tattoo pigments are present in your lymph nodes. — Unsplash/File

Although there is uncertainty over the long-term health effects of tattoos, their popularity has recently increased.

Carcinogenic ingredients found in tattoo ink include metals, primary aromatic amines (PAA), and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). Tattoo inks cause an immunological response, which causes the inks to migrate away from injection sites, according to News Medical.


Tattoo pigments have been shown to exist in lymph nodes, although it is unclear what effect they will have in the long run on health.

There's no known cause for the increase in malignant lymphoma incidence worldwide, thus finding any connection to lifestyle factors is crucial. Lymph nodes are susceptible to carcinogenic chemicals and contain developing cells.

Research links immunologic disruption to solvent, flame retardant, pesticide, and hair dye exposure, therefore contributes to the development of malignant lymphoma. In this current population-level investigation, scientists looked into tattoos as a potential lymphoma risk factor.

They also assessed the relationship between exposure and response as well as the impact of exposure duration, taking into account the time between the initial tattoo and the index year (the year that lymphoma was diagnosed).