Ministry to review ‘controversial’ FDE appointments

By Our Correspondent
September 28, 2023

Islamabad:Federal Education Secretary Waseem Ajmal Chaudhry has claimed that he is not responsible for the postings of junior officers, especially teachers, to the Federal Directorate of Education and directed authorities to inform him about the criteria for those appointments.


''I intend to review the situation thoroughly to ensure that deserving senior candidates are appointed in accordance with the established rules and regulations,'' the secretary told 'The News'.

Currently, some FDE posts are occupied by junior officers causing unrest among senior faculty members of public sector educational institutions in Islamabad who insist these postings undermine the principles of meritocracy and set a "worrisome" precedent in the field of education. They demand an early intervention of authorities to address the issue.

Meanwhile, caretaker federal education minister Madad Ali Sindhi visited the FDE offices and learned about the issues facing the regulator for public sector schools and colleges in Islamabad. He promised his full support to the FDE for addressing issues, especially financial ones, and said he would ensure their early resolution by contacting the relevant ministries.

The minister ordered regular visits to schools and colleges to ensure the provision of quality education to students. He said teachers should not hold administrative positions and should solely focus on their duties as educators.