Thaap to hold international documentary competition

By Our Correspondent
September 24, 2023

LAHORE : Thaap, in connection with its 12th International Conference, has announced to organise international documentary competition.


The competition will serve as a platform for filmmakers and storytellers to delve into the profound topic of the Harappan civilisation and culture, offering an insightful exploration of this ancient and enigmatic civilisation.

Students and professionals have been invited to participate in the exciting competition. In student’s category, the participants will submit the productions of approximately 5 to 10 minutes duration whereas in professional category, 5 to 15 minutes productions are required in Urdu, Punjabi or English language. However, the English subtitles are necessary.

The deadline for entries’ submission is November 10 and hardcopy and softcopy both forms are necessary for submission.

Managing Director Thaap Prof Pervaiz Vandal stated that the topics for the documentaries can be both the tangible cultural elements and intangible cultural elements of the Harappan civilisation.

In the competition, the filmmakers can explore the ancient monuments, absence of any large temple or palace, residential pattern and house details, crafts in medium of clay (pottery, sculpture, seals, small-scale elements, toys and models, trade and trading facilities, boat making and maintenance etc in their productions.

Similarly, intangible cultural elements such as system of beliefs, religion, peace and absence of violence, conflict resolution system, governance, mutual trust necessary for trading communities, childcare and other elements of society can be the topic of the production.

Selective documentaries will be screened at the annual Thaap conference while a prize distribution ceremony will also be held on concluding day.

Evaluation of all the submissions will be done by a committee chaired by CEO Thaap, Prof Sajida H Vandal, Ali Usman Bajwa and other experts. The winners will get prize money Rs100,000 in each category and runner up will be awarded Rs50,000 in both categories.