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Petroleum price hike challenged in SC

September 24, 2023

ISLAMABAD: The recent increase in petroleum product prices has been legally challenged in the Supreme Court. The petitioner contends that the caretaker government has raised petroleum product prices twice in a single month, which is viewed as an unjust and clear violation of the constitution. This has resulted in a significant burden on the common man due to rising inflation. The petition was submitted by Moulvi Iqbal Haider under Article 184 (3) of the Constitution, with the federation, election commission, ministry of finance, and OGRA named as respondents. In the petition, the petitioner has urged the court to clarify that the caretaker government can only exercise routine powers to ensure the organisation of general elections within 90 days, and it is not authorised to increase petroleum product prices. Furthermore, the petitioner asserts that only elected representatives of the people have the authority to adjust petroleum product prices.