Command andcontrol centre opened in Haripur

By Our Correspondent
September 23, 2023

HARIPUR: Inspector General Police Akhtar Hayat Khan Gandapur on Friday said that the command and control system (monitoring through CCTV cameras) was a new concept to control the street crimes and keep check on the flow of traffic by benefiting from both public and private sectors’ feed.


“So the installation of over 250 cameras on the main thoroughfares, turnarounds and public and sensitive points would help to technologically monitor the movement,’’ he told reporters after inaugurating the command and control system and mobile lost app in the office of District Police Officer here. He added that the TMA, business community of Haripur and police have a joint contribution and effort to launch the project.

The IGP said that the safe city project would help ensure peace by keeping a vigilant eye on the criminals in the city and the successful tracing of culprits involved in a recent bank dacoity in Hattar Industrial Estate was also made possible by the technological monitoring through CCTV cameras. He expressed the hope that further improvement in the project of a safe city would start paying dividends with the passage of time.

About the poor conviction rate in KP despite timely arrest of accused, Gandapur admitted that there were multiple factors involved that lead to acquittal of accused from the courts. “Sometimes lack of proper preservation of evidence and its documentation while the human errors are also the other factors that render the investigation flawed,” he maintained.

About creation of two new police stations in TIP and Paniyan areas, the IGP said that the increasing population has made it imperative to bifurcate the existing police stations that he claimed would help controlling the crime and criminals in an effective manner.HE said that the KP police had extended its help to CTD in their anti-terrorism work which led to positive achievements in Kurram, Khyber and North Waziristan.

He also inaugurated the Ababeel Force and distributed 25 motorbikes among the force. He also addressed participants of the police darbar and planted a sapling in the new building of the police line earlier.