Committee to probe traffic police viral video

By Shakeel Anjum
September 23, 2023

Islamabad:Video footage of a scuffle between two traffic policemen and a citizen went viral on social media, apparently, for unknown reasons as the video shooter could not capture complete footage.


The police authorities have constituted a top-level committee to ascertain the facts and cause of the humiliating punch-up leaving a bad image amongst the public against the police.

The video starts with the scene when two traffic policemen from Islamabad are dragging a young man to push into the traffic police car, while his mother or sister is seen crying for his release but the traffic policemen, after a long effort, succeeded in pushing the young man in their car and took him to the police station. But, amazingly, the viewers could not understand the previous continuity of the mishap.

This correspondent, when contacted by the Kohsar Police and the relevant police officials to know the milieu of the unfortunate episode, disclosed the young man violated the traffic rule by driving on the wrong side of the road and started using abusive language when the cop decided to give him violation ticket after taking his CNIC, adding that young man showing his aggression blew punch on the face of an elderly policeman and tore his shirt due to his unrestrained rage, but the anger of the young man against the Cop was not captured.

SSP (Traffic) when contacted when contacted by this scribe said that the police had recovered the complete video from the man who captured the video.

He said the accused young man has accepted his misbehaviour saying that he was under mental stress when the cop intercepted him. He acknowledged that he punched the elderly cop in his face and tore his shirt. The authorities, however, have constituted a high-level inquiry committee to ascertain the facts, the IGP Office said and added that if the policemen were found guilty, departmental action would be taken against but the law should be implemented, even by using force.