Queen Rania spills beans on her pre-wedding advice to daughter-in-law Princess Rajwa

Queen Rania described Princess Rajwa as 'the perfect answer to all' of her prayers for her son Hussein

By Web Desk
September 21, 2023
Queen Rania and King Abdullah II of Jordan with daughter-in-law Princess Rajwa and Crown Prince Hussein during their wedding ceremonies. — Royal Hashemite Court

Princess Rajwa of Jordan sought guidance from her mother-in-law, Queen Rania, before marrying Crown Prince Hussein, the Queen revealed during her appearance on NBC's Today show.

"One of the first things, just before my son announced his engagement, I took Rajwa aside, and the first thing I told her was, you know, there’s no such thing as a 100 percent approval rating. You’re always gonna have people that are against you and the advice that I want to give you is ‘please try not to read the comments," Queen Rania said.


She explained to Today’s Hoda Kotb, "You’re just gonna have self-doubt. There’s always gonna be negativity and that negativity- is not about you, it’s from the person, they’re unhappy in their own life, so don’t carry that unhappiness, just keep focusing on what it is you want to do because it’ll shake your confidence. You think it’s not gonna affect your morale, but it does."

In June at Zahran Palace, Rajwa wed the eldest child of Queen Rania and King Abdullah II, Hola reported.

Princess Rajwa married Crown Prince Hussein on June 1, 2023. — Royal Hashemite Court

Crown Prince Hussein claimed in a forum before their nuptials that he had met Rajwa "through an old friend from school."

The couple confirmed their engagement in August 2022. She has been praised by Rania, who described her daughter-in-law as "the perfect answer to all" of her prayers for Hussein.