TikTok doomsday clock trend keeps internet guessing if world's going to end on Sept 23

TikTok doomsday is not the first such trend as internet users have planned many apocalyptic events before

By Web Desk
September 21, 2023
An illustration depicting the end of the planet Earth by destructive cosmic elements. — Twitter gbaden

A viral TikTok trend has flooded the internet showcasing that a possible doomsday may occur on 23 September 2023 after netizens realised that terrible and tragic happenings in most movies and TV shows have been depicted on the same date.

One of the TikTok users, blackapplegallery369, published his apocalypse forecast for September 23. He asserted that "the internet has been inundated" with conspiracies regarding the "end of the world" on that day.


The numerals 9, 2, and 3 have previously made numerous appearances in a variety of television programmes and motion pictures.

The TikToker then posted a list of films that had horrific events occurring on September 23.

Asteroid impacting Earth on the specified date was depicted in the Big Bang Theory, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, and Deep Impact, among other examples.

On the same day, the movie Knowing and the book Little Shop both depicted the Earth being destroyed by solar flares.

Other television programmes and motion pictures that used the odd parallels included Evil, Ghostbusters, This Is the End, Pandemic, Labyrinth, and Lost.

On September 23, a Taco Bell commercial featured a truck escaping a concentration camp, a Guinness beer commercial's stopwatch indicated that one could learn dark secrets if they kept their minds open, a Black Eyed Peas music video featured the same date, and the film Don't Worry, Darling was also released on that day.

Since then, the conspiracy notion has been widely circulated online by users.

At the time this article was written, no official organisations had issued a statement announcing an event for the aforementioned day. It's possible that conspiracy theorists are just pointing out coincidences in advertisements, television shows, and movies.

This is not the first time internet users have planned an apocalyptic event.

Additionally, internet users also assert that on October 4, 2023, graphene oxide will take control of American inhabitants.