After Hardeep Singh Nijjar, another Khalistani leader Sukhdool Singh aka Sukha Duneke killed in Canada

Sukhdool Singh's murder has sparked a huge commotion in both India and Canada

By Web Desk
September 21, 2023
Sukhdool Singh aka Sukha Duneke, a Khalistani separatist and an alleged gangster who was wanted by Indian agency NIA. — Twitter

Sukhdool Singh, a known alleged felon who had fled to Canada from Punjab in 2017 to evade capture, was shockingly murdered in Winnipeg, Canada by as yet unnamed perpetrators and wanted by the Indian National Investigation Agency (NIA) before his death.

Inside sources within the Indian Punjab Police reveal that Singh had affiliations with pro-Khalistan factions, reported Indian media.


Indian Intelligence files included information about Sukhdool, also known as Sukha Duneke, a significant member of the Davinder Bambiha group and a native of the Moga district of Punjab. According to reports, a deadly fight between rival criminal organisations was what ultimately led to his murder.

Sukhdool Singh's passing shockingly occurred not long after the NIA released a list of wanted offenders, some of whom were already in India and others who were on the run. SSP Moga J. Elanchezhian told the news organisation ANI that the police informed his family of his passing.

Nevertheless, Sukhdool's passing has sparked a huge commotion in both India and Canada, leading many people to wonder who he is. What we do know about him is listed below:

Canadian Khalistani separatist Sukhdool Singh was of Indian descent. He was just shot and killed, allegedly by the Lawrence Bishnoi gang, which is why he has been in the news.

He was from Moga, Punjab, and went by the name Sukha Duneke. He left India in 2017, and up until his recent passing, he had been residing in Winnipeg, Canada.

Sukhdool Singh, age 29, was a member of the Davinder Bambiha group, an alleged criminal gang, which is active in and around Moga. Indian records show that he was charged with seven offences. He also had a pro-Khalistan leaning, but he allegedly advocated extortion and took part in "supari" killings.

He was accused of murdering Vikramjit Singh, a 33-year-old leader of the Young Akali Dal. Middukhera was incidentally shot and killed in broad daylight in Sector 71 of Mohali on August 7, 2021. His passing was the catalyst for Sidhu Moosewala's murder according to Indian media.

He was also allegedly involved in the murder of Sandeep Nangal.