Volodymyr Zelensky asks Donald Trump to reveal his plan to end Russia-Ukraine war

It is not first time that Donald Trump claimed to end the Russia-Ukraine war in his proposed time frame

By Web Desk
September 21, 2023
President Volodymyr Zelensky gestures as he gives a press conference in Kyiv on February 24, 2023, on the first anniversary of the Russian-Ukraine war.— AFP

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged former US President Donald Trump to reveal his plan to resolve the Russia-Ukraine war and put an end to the loss of life as the Republican forerunner claimed several times that he could resolve the conflict within 24 hours by "making a fair deal for everybody."

The four-time indicted Donald Trump reiterated his stance while speaking with NBC News earlier this week that if he came to the White House once again, he would resolve the Russian-Ukraine war within 24 hours, without outlining further details on how would he do it.


It is not the first time that the 77-year-old claimed to end the Russia-Ukraine war in his proposed time frame.

"If I tell you exactly, I lose all my bargaining chips. I mean, you can’t really say exactly what you’re going to do. But I would say certain things to Putin. I would say certain things to [Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy]," the billionaire had said.

Volodymyr Zelensky while responding to a question about Donald Trump’s offer, told CNN: “If he has this plan, why be afraid and wait? “If he has some smart idea, he could share it with us."

Former US Donald Trump arrives to speak at USA Thank You Tour 2016 at the Giant Center on December 15, 2016, in Hershey, Pennsylvania. AFP/File

The Ukrainian leader said: "He can publicly share his idea now, not waste time, not to lose people, and say: 'My formula is to stop the war and stop all this tragedy and stop Russian aggression'."

However, explaining limits about what concessions could be accepted, Zelensky rejected any territorial handover to Russia if Trump’s proposal involved any such arrangement. The 45-year-old also underlined Russian troops out of his territory.

"Otherwise, he is not presenting the global idea of peace. So [if] the idea is how to take the part of our territory and to give it to Putin, that is not the peace formula," the comedian-turned-president noted.

Zelensky noted that Trump himself may not be the person who formulated his plan and urged the US as a country to contemplate what it would “give to Putin from your territories” in exchange for Russia not using nuclear weapons.

Vladimir Putin considers conflict in Ukraine as a Western proxy against Russia clearly hinting at any use of weapons to defend the state.

Under Russian nuclear doctrine, the launching of nuclear weapons is only considered if the state's integrity is jeopardised and President Putin has said he considers the risks posed by the Ukraine conflict are nowhere near that threshold.