Canada braces for summer inferno as wildfires rage on

Quebec minister says battle against fires is expected to persist throughout entire summer, indicating a challenging and prolonged fight ahead

By Web Desk
June 11, 2023
This aerial image, courtesy of the Nova Scotia Government in Canada, shows the magnitude of the fire in Shelburne County on May 31, 2023. AFP/File

Canada is experiencing intense wildfires that are causing people to be evacuated from their homes.

These fires are spreading quickly and may continue throughout the entire summer. So far, a large area of land, about 17,800 square miles, has been burned. This is much more than usual, and it's happening because Canada is warming up faster than other parts of the world due to climate change.


The western part of the country has been hit the hardest. In Alberta, the town of Edson had to be evacuated for the second time in a month because the fire there is too difficult to control. People are leaving in a hurry, fearing that their homes might not be there when they return.

In British Columbia, the town of Tumbler Ridge had to be mostly evacuated as well because a fire was getting dangerously close. The situation is also difficult in the central and northwestern parts of Quebec, where several towns are at risk. In northeast Quebec, the fires are more stable.

The number of active fires in Canada is currently 416, with more than half of them being classified as out of control. The government is doing its best to fight these fires and protect people, but it's a challenging battle that may last for months. Around 14,000 people have been ordered to evacuate their homes, and the authorities are determined to keep fighting until the situation improves.

These wildfires in Canada are unprecedented, and the country is facing an enormous challenge. The impact of these fires on communities and the environment is significant, and it will take a collective effort to overcome this crisis.