Candidate rejected from job due to odd 'vegan rule'

A man was shocked when his prospective employer demanded that he follow the business' "strict vegan rule"

By Web Desk
June 10, 2023
This representational picture shows a man in stress while working. — Unsplash/File

Looking for a job can be stressful, especially because you are required to answer stereotypical questions by your recruiter that range fromyour best skills, your greatest weaknesses, your history in the field of work, and so forth.

A man was left speechless when he was asked a fairly odd question during the selection phase of a job interview.


A user posted on the famous social media platform Reddit, sharing that he raised suspicion because the employee strictly enforced a vegan rule at work.

The employer questioned whether the applicant was willing to follow a "strictly vegan" diet at work.

The message emailed to the user by his potential boss read: "Hi, Thank you for applying. Please answer the following questions so that we can shortlist you."

The screenshot featured a list of questions the employer asked. The Reddit user had scribbled up numerous queries instead of the one where they asked whether the user would follow the vegan rule.

However, some are arguing that the obvious inquiry, which Reddit users could read, was "so weird".

The question read: "Four. Our workplaces are strictly vegan. You do not have to be vegan away from work, but you do need to bring a vegan lunch and have plant milks to eat on-site or off-site. Can you confirm you are fine with this?"

The Reddit user wrote in the caption of the screenshot: "Applied for a job, received this in an email. Can they really force this upon me or not hire me based on this?"

The thread has garnered more than 10,000 comments, with a variety of responses and questions from the public.

One person commented: "Man. I'm vegan and have been vegan my entire adult life, and this made me laugh so hard I spit up my herbal tea."

Meanwhile, another person said: "That is so weird. Some startups really do the best they can not to hire, lol."

However, some people had opposite responses, as someone else admitted: "I will be a full-time vegan if the pay is good enough."

In another comment, a user said: "Honestly, as infuriating as this might initially seem, it sounds like an excellent opportunity to try a bunch of yummy things and expand your food horizons."