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Jennifer Aniston leaning on Barbra Streisand to find her a Prince Charming

Barbra Streisand reportedly looking for potential suitors for 'Friends' alum Jennifer Aniston, source

By Web Desk
June 10, 2023
Jennifer Aniston leaning on Barbra Streisand to find her a Prince Charming

Barbra Streisand has taken on the role of "cupid" as she is looking for a perfect match for Jennifer Aniston.

The Friends alum is very picky about the people she lets into her inner circle and it has been really hard for her to settle down following her divorce from Justin Theroux.

And hence, The Way We Were hitmaker has stepped up for her pal by lining up potential suitors for Aniston while also seeking her husband James Brolin to find her a partner.

“Barbra’s long admired Jen and is determined to find her the perfect match,” an insider told Closer Magazine. “She’s done it for others and feels she can do the job that everyone else seems to have failed at.”

“She’s working her magic,” the insider said of the singer-actor, adding that she has been “planning dinner parties where Jen will be seated next to someone really nice, and James knows a lot of eligible guys too.”

“Barbra isn’t looking at age so much in prospective suitors – younger or older works, as long he thinks like Jen and there’s potential for romance and chemistry,” the source added.

“Jen’s flattered and kind of relieved she’s getting such preferential treatment from Barbra. She’s been lonely too long, though she would never admit it publicly,” the insider noted.

Jennifer Aniston has also been a victim of a very public relationship and divorce from Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt, with whom she parted ways in 2005, after five years of marriage.

She later tied the knot with Theroux in 2015 but that marriage also did not work out and they parted ways just two years later in 2018.

Speaking further of Aniston, the insider said that she is not “looking to settle for second best just because it’s been such a long process without a serious relationship.”

“If anything, it’s only made Jen more picky and determined to get it right next time – without the help of a dating app,” the insider said.