Princess Charlene 'incredible' wedding tiara marks 'extraordinary' moment

Princess Charlene of Monaco wore a significant headpiece on her wedding

By Web Desk
June 10, 2023

Princess Charlene of Monaco had a special wedding tiara made for herself.

The Royal, who tied the knot with Prince Albert of Monaco in 2011, wore a delicate head piece especially designed for her.


Lorenz Baumer, the designer of the tiara has now revealed his idea behind the 'extraordinary' work.

“I think of Princess Charlene as a Princess, but also a person…who it has been my pleasure to meet,” Lorenz said.

“You imagine that she’s living an incredible dream, but she’s also very approachable, and funny, full of humour and imagination.

“The tiara is like a dreamlike object,” Lorenz added. “An extraordinary moment of closeness…it’s one of the most beautiful, possibly the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever created which will be part of the moment of a woman becoming a Princess and joining the pages of history.”

He continued: “By means of this tiara which I designed, I realised we had something in common, the Principality, the future Princess, and I, which is water.

Speaking further about Charlene, he added: “I love surfing, the Princess is an amazing swimmer, and Monaco is a rock perched by the sea, a place connected to water.

“So I tried to represent what linked us: the element of water. What I love is the waves as it breaks. We call it ‘Sea Foam’. You can clearly see the wave just at the moment of breaking.”