Tourist killed in shark attack during Egyptian getaway

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June 09, 2023

The tourist, who was believed to be 23 years old, who had recently moved to a resort in Egypt with his father and was identified in Russia as Vladimir Popov

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This representational picture shows a shark in the water. — Unsplash/File

A Russian man was killed by a shark Thursday, while his girlfriend managed to flee the shark attack at the Hurghada resort in Egypt.

On the coast, tourists watched in terror as the beast injured the man before pulling him underneath.

The tourist, who was believed to be 23 years old, had been vacationing in Egypt for a long time, possibly to avoid being drafted into Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine.

He had recently moved to the resort with his father and was identified in Russia by the Baza news outlet as Vladimir Popov.

The man yelled "Papa, Papa" as the predator stalked him, and his father watched helplessly as the terrible attack progressed.

One of the witnesses said: “The shark’s eating his remains now; there she is, eating his remains.”

Another said: “Right in front of my eyes, the shark ate the guy, and the girl managed to escape. He took the blow from the shark; it’s a terrible thing. The remains of this man are lying there.”

Another woman just repeated: “Oh my God, Oh my God..." while watching the unfolding horror.

When the incident happened, voices in the sea pleaded: “Swim away, swim away! Quick! A shark!."

The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed the death of a citizen from a shark attack.

An unnamed Russian woman tourist said: “The rescuers reacted very quickly. I immediately felt that it was a shark. I immediately jumped up and started shouting, 'Sharks! Save yourself!’.”

Another witness said: "It was about seven metres from the shore.”

One onlooker said: “The girl was saved; she screamed very much on the beach; she was so shocked, screaming; I don’t know where they took her.”

According to reports, the event happened on Hurghada's Dream Beach and Russian visitors were advised to exercise caution at the well-known resort and heed the warnings and prohibitions of the staff.

The incident follows after a tourist, 37, was ambushed by a shark in June 2021 at a Red Sea resort in Aqaba, Jordan, The Sun reported. The man suddenly started to graze the ocean while parasailing.

Soon, a shark jumped out of the sea and bit off part of his leg, miraculously saving the visitor from being pulled under. He was viciously bit, and the attack left him with severe wounds.

In another incident at Sahl Hasheesh, Egypt, a visitor was killed by a shark in July of last year.

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