Delay in school building construction protested

By Our Correspondent
June 07, 2023

SHANGLA: Hundreds of local residents and the students of the Government Primary School Manaisar on Tuesday took to the streets to protest the delay in the construction of a school building in the area.


The protestors from Manaisar and Gandao areas and the students of the Government Primary School Manaisar gathered at the main Chowk in Alpuri and then staged a sit-in outside the deputy commissioner officer and chanted slogans against the contractor, officials of Communication and Works Department and district administration for their indifferent attitude to complete the construction of the school building.

They alleged that the officials of C&W, district administration and contractor were hand in glove as the school had remained closed over a week but they did not budge to take action against the contractor.

The protesters threatened to launch a protest movement in Peshawar if their demands were not met immediately. They said that the future of 792 students was in limbo as the contractor of Government Primary School Manaisar had left the construction work halfway before abandoning the contract.

Local elders of the area, including Azam Khan, Shah Zaman, Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Umar and others said that they had no option but to launch a protest sit-in outside the deputy commissioner against the incomplete construction of the school building.They said that the school was now running at a private building, which was not sufficient for the 792 students.The elders said that their children were now not going to school since May 30 last because of lack of space in the school due to which their precious time was being wasted.